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Lace Yoke Vest

This post won't be a perfectly positive one, please, forgive me. I feel that as a craft blogger I need to be honest and share my not-so great experiences too. There might be someone who can help me out with a good advice for the future or I might be the one who alert someone.
I have finished this little vest weeks ago, but I have let it to rest for weeks. I was disappointed about this project. I loved the color of this yarn. I liked the yarn. Even the pattern was a good one. But this yarn, my needles and the pattern haven't worked well together. At first about the yarn. It has a beautiful color chart with vibrant shades and sold on a good price. I also loved the touch. But it is very slippery and also splitting a little bit. I wasn't able to hold the tension although I used smaller needles to get a neat reasult. I guess this yarn works much better for crochet. It might also work better on bamboo or wooden needles. Anyway, because of its wonderful color chart I will shop it…

Black Sheep

We have spent this week sick. My baby cought a cold for the first time and I also got it. It is a miracle how easily babies could deal with cold, my daughter was happy and playful even though she was weaker than normally.
This week I have finished another crochet toy for my baby. I was searching for crochet dolls on Pinterest when these sheeps showed off. They were so cute and I've had a ball of pompom yarn in my stash from years.  The pattern is from Amigurumi Today. The pattern calls for a special microfibre yarn for the head and body, so I had to rethink it with my stashed yarn to be babysafe and keep the stuffing inside. I made these parts with a DK black yarn and than I crocheted around with the pompom yarn. My implementation turned out taller and slimmer than the exemplars on the blog, because I increased more and englenghtened the decreasing section.
I started to really enjoy crochet again, it gives me the reward of actually finishing something in hours. I am also able to f…

Giant Crochet Butterfly

This winter in Europe is extremely cold and seems very long for me. And because this cold affects air quality, we are suffering with the worst winter pollution ever. So, me and the baby are closed to our home. We spend the days with playing and I try to work while she naps. I set up a schedule which helps me stay organized and productive. I think it is working.

During the past weeks I finished a bigger crochet project. I haven't crocheted from a while and really enjoyed that I actually could complete something big just in a few hours. I made a giant butterfly for my baby.  In these days she is interested in blocks and everyday objects, like my mobile phone or slippers. This toy is in her bed, sometimes after the daytime nap I find her awake playing with it.
I have already knitted a bunny for her which took longer to get ready with. My daughter doesn't play with it too much. Maybe it is too big in her little palms.  I hope she will enjoy it later.
I haven't followed any pa…