Idun for my baby

I am so obsessed with stranded colorwork. It all started with my Idunn cardigan which is the most favourited among my projects on Ravelry. Well, I think so that cardi is just perfect. A few days ago I just came across a baby dress with [almost] the same name while I was searching for the right dress pattern for my daughter.
This is a cute simple dress with yoke. I casted on for the smallest size and will resize it if it is too big for her, but at this point I think it will fit well.
The purple yarn is Drops Baby Merino, the other is some leftover hand dyed yarn I bought from a Hungarian spinner. Both are DK or DK-ish - it is not easy to define the handspun yarn and the two types together creates a very interesting texture, Just love it! 
The pattern itself is clear and well-written, although it is not for beginners. (I almost missed out the short rows. I prefer when the designer clearly state the design element when it comes, because I not always keep in mind all the introductions..) Anyway, it is a great pattern!

I am almost finished with the chevron blanket, just weave the ends and block it. Meanwhile I can't wait to see it in use, but I just hate those finishing touches. Is there anyone else who feels the same?

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  1. I love the baby dress you are making. Lovely bright colours. And the chevron blanket is gorgeous!

  2. I love the baby dress you are making. Lovely bright colours. And the chevron blanket is gorgeous!

  3. Oh my, so cute!! I love these colors together. And your blanket - wow! It will be just gorgeous when it's done!

  4. that little pop of color is delightful!!! Gorgeous colors you chose. Love the chevron blanket and the pinks and roses!!

  5. I love the dress so far and love the colors together! The blanket looks great too. I agree that those small finishing touches are sometimes irritating because we just want to finish it! :)
    take care,


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