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Thoughts on fabric painting

It was far the most exciting project I made in this year. I usually have my crafty time at night when I prefer knit or crochet. Playing with some yarn is relaxing and working on my patterns is also a good training for my brain. I used to try other craft techniques too and although loved some of them, never engaged to any of them.
After my first stenciling project I have some consequences I would like to share. First of all this I started it on the wrong way, because I chosed a wrong fabric with a wrong paint. The fabric and paint are both basically excellent materials, but together didn't bring the result I expected. It is rather a painting than a stencil, but I love it on its naive not-so-perfect way!

About the materials
I used Deca textile paint, which is water based, easy to mix with other colors. But I don't recommend it for stenciling, it is too watery, the lines are blurred. This is a perfect choice if you are working on an artistic silk painting. I love the stencil patt…