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January Wreath

Do you like winter? My answer: yes I do. But it is just not that magical for me after New Year’s Eve. Snowing and melting, those beautiful lights are removed, dark days, cold... I was hesitating a lot what kind of wreath should I make for this month. There are hearts everywhere, blogging world is preparing for Valentine’s, but we don’t celebrate that day, since it doesn’t have tradition in our community. So I decided to leave some pieces of our Christmas decoration to decorate our home longer. That's why I have the colorful Christmas lights all year in our living room. It is so pretty at any night of the year when we want a bit more cozy feeling :) Before Christmas I made dozens of snowflakes, some tiny trees and a snowmen couple. The trees are already in the Christmas ornaments' box, but a few smaller snowflakes and a snowmen stayed. I wrapped around the syrofoam wreath with leftover yarns. I chosed those ones, from which I don't want to use for crochet or knitting. 


January WIPs

This year I have joined to Ana’s and Linda’s„Stashbuster Challange 2013”.
So time to show you my stash. Well I don’t have an impressively great stash, because mostly I buy yarn for a running project and in december I ate lot of yarn. Now I am having approx. 1 kg yarn in various type, color, thickness. 
I am storing the most of my stash in this big box organized into bags, but I am planning to reorganize it in a bigger space.
Balance of my finished projects in January: - knitting: 3 earwarmers (post comes on Friday, the pattern is already available in my shop)
- crochet: 4 more purses (the whole collection is available in my shop):  

Running projects:I am working on a new handbag from months! It might seem, that I already dislike it. But no, I don't! I am just bad at making things for myself. I hibernated  this project after I completed the front piece, but last week started to knit the other. Keep fingers acrossed for me :) Once the bag will be finished, it will look like something like…

Crochet Purses - the simple ones

Last year I ordered a few purse frame from one of my favourite online shop. But I was waiting a couple weeks to complete the first purses. Before Christmas I have already showed an Insta picture from my WIP purses. There was two simple designs and a granny one.

I am a bad blogger, I forgot to to take a picture from the finished granny purse I made for my sister-in-law. She was very happy about her gift :) This purse was a little bit bigger, made up to a 5" frame. 
Now I would like to show the other two purses from closer to inspire you. I used SMC Catania for all of my wallets. I think mercerized cotton yarn is the perfect choice when resistance is important. (I had some bad experience with wool blends in this field.)
The fuchsia (purple) one is also a bit bigger piece than a normal coin purse. The frame has silver color and so shiny. (On the third picture you can see me in the clasp...) 

I don't have personal favourite, but if I would have, it would be this red one. Red is …

40 min beanie {free pattern}

Since I have done with this beanie, I wore it a couple times to work. I just hate freezing: in winter I am not dressing pretty, although I love skirts with colorful tights, after december I can't wear them. The prettiest outfit I can make are my thermo leggings with boots and long-sleeve tunic (with turtleneck sweater under). That's why I am so into accessories!
I made this beanie after Christmas, now it is time to share the easy peasy pattern. It is so quick, it took just 40 minutes to complete! The pattern made up from 11 rounds with 36 stitches in the widest point. I attached a very simple flower to the beanie to give a pretty touch.

MATERIALS: Þbulky yarn approx. 50 yd / 45 m (Steinbach Wolle Ahoi color #37) Þcrochet hook size U.S. 13 / 9 mm Þtapestry needle to weave the ends (or use your hook)
SKILL LEVEL: beginner (easy-peasy)
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: adult women size (Medium/Large) ·diameter: 19” / 53 cm ·height: 23 cm 
ABOUT THE PATTERN: Þcrocheted from the top down Þch2/ch3/c…

Hermione hearts Ron hat

Before Christmas I was so busy with my crochet, knitting a sewing although I didn't plan too much handmade. I made the choco spoons for my cousin, knitted a hat for my husband and for an other cousin (baby Lili's mother), sewed two pillows for Juci and baby Lili and crocheted a purse for my sister-in-law. Plus almost each wrapping were decorated with crocheted snowflakes and made some garland too. It didn't seem to much at first, but I had to realize, that knitting a beanie on 3 mm needles is not a one-night adventure and although a snowflake is really quick to complete, but 30 of them is a nice crochet-along program. 
Time to share with you my creations. This post is dedicated to my cousin's beanie. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry. It is so delightful I had to make it. I owned the grey yarn from months, it was bought for a hat for myself, but Christmas changed my plans :)

This beanie was really a last-time project, I started to knit on 22th December and the…

News in this Year

Normally I don't commit myself to New Year's resolutions, but this year I would like to make some changes: step out of my comfort zone, try harder, make things that before I would never try, and don't say 'I can't'. The other things I really like to find balance between my family, friends, job and my hobbies. I think I have already made a great time schedule to have time for everything. My blog break helped me a LOT, seriously just step out a little from your daily routine, and you will see how you should do it. This year I would like to push myself to use my time better and be more focused.

I am an intuitive person by nature and a bit changable. {Okay very changable.} I always blogged about my recent and random projects, I have never had blogging schedule, the only regular things I had (just for a couple times) the WIP Wendsdays. I thought I wouldn't be able to follow a routine, but now I would like to put in some regular posts on my blog. 
1. Pattern of the…

Calling for pinners

I am passionate about handbags. I love sewing, knitting, crocheting [and buying] bags, purses, clutches, pouches, totes, wallets and so on. But I think a girl can never have enough ones, so I am always searching for inspirations, and new ones to adore... That's why I created a board on Pinterest to make an ultimate collection of crocheted and knitted bag inspirations. There are so many bags to pin and being inspired!

Now I am calling for pinners who have the same passion. The rules are simple: you can pin patterns, projects, inspirations, WIP pictures or anything crocheted and knitted bag related picture.  If you would like to contribute in the board just send me a message or leave a comment. 
Wish you happy creating!