Pumpkins In Progress

In my latest WIP post I noticed, that I love Autumn. As the Fall season is getting closer and the nature is turning to more colorful, I am switching to autumn-mood.
On Saturday I went to my yarn store and buyed some orange yarns for pumpkins!
Yummie for eating and yummie for crafting!

The big orange something will be a basket. There is a complicated pattern in my mind about a perfect pumpkin-shaped basket, I just have to figure out, how can I complete it!  I am so excited! I started to crochet on Monday night after midnight. I just couldn't sleep...

These darker ones are made for coasters or appliques. Still need some perfection and testing. I will make a few to my Etsy shop,I think.
I am planning to make a garland with black and white pumpkins to get a unique autumn decoration in our home.

This little one is made from some leftover Baby yarn. I am not sure, how will I use it.

Are you ready for the Autumn?


  1. Ha..I did the same thing this morning..I sorted my stash for fall colors..and started searching for patterns!

  2. Very cute! I got teased at the craft store yesterday for buying reindeer...I have lots of Christmas projects to get going.

  3. what a great idea! you could even alternate the two different oranges of the pumpkins.
    i too just LOVE fall. even if we won't have any sort of fall here for a few more months. a girl can dream. LOL

  4. I am very ready for autumn. I'm not ready for the shorter days though. Your pumpkins are adorable!

  5. I like the pumpkin coasters, that's a really cute idea. I think I still have a bunch of orange yarn somewhere, maybe I should try and make some for us... Thanks for sharing the idea! :-)

  6. They're going to be very cute! I'm ready for autumn......I got used to cold weather and now I'm in a hotter climate.

  7. Cute-cute. I'm not ready to give up summer yet, rolling the pumpkins away. :)

  8. super cute. i love these colours.

  9. Noooo, not Fall, not YET! I'm still hanging onto summer :)

    The pumpkin shapes are very cute.

  10. beautiful. I love the colours and this post just makes me happy that autumn is on its way!!

  11. The coasters are so cute, Hanni.
    (I love to eat pumpkin. And pumpkin seeds!)
    Looking forward to see the basket.

  12. Love your little pumpkins :) I am starting to see fall projects everywhere. It's started to cool down here and I am feeling more like crocheting now that it isn't so hot.

  13. SO cute! Love your pumpkins! We don't have autumn in calif. so to say. September is going to be hot hot hot!!!

  14. I can't wait to see what they look like finished! They look great so far.

  15. Love your project. Fall is such a fun season...the colors are gorgeous! You have found the perfect yarn for your project!


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