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Pumpkin basket

There is no WIP post in this week, but I would like to show you a finished object. So here is the pumpkin basket from last week's P.I.P.

I am kind of intuitive crocheter, instead of following a pattern, I try to adopt a shape by myself. This pumpkin was easy to make, I completed it approx. in 5 hours. I used acrylic - wool yarn (Steinbach wolle) and polyester batting to get a washable and durable centerpiece  decoration on my autumn table.

The basket turned out enough big, it is 8" (20 cm) tall and 6" (17 cm) wide, so enough roomie for my daily apple dosis. 
The pumpkin is available on Ravelry.

P.s.: Look, who is hiding there!

I am participating in:

Giveaway winner

The winner of the $50 Shabby Apple gift card is:
Erin said...

1. I like the Humboldt Passage skirt.
2. I like Shabby Apple on Facebook as Erin A.-L.
3. I follow your blog via GFC.8/22/2012 

Congratulations for Erin!
Thank you for participating in the giveaway! Wish you all a beautiful week!

Pumpkins In Progress

In my latest WIP post I noticed, that I love Autumn. As the Fall season is getting closer and the nature is turning to more colorful, I am switching to autumn-mood.
On Saturday I went to my yarn store and buyed some orange yarns for pumpkins!
Yummie for eating and yummie for crafting!

The big orange something will be a basket. There is a complicated pattern in my mind about a perfect pumpkin-shaped basket, I just have to figure out, how can I complete it!  I am so excited! I started to crochet on Monday night after midnight. I just couldn't sleep...

These darker ones are made for coasters or appliques. Still need some perfection and testing. I will make a few to my Etsy shop,I think.
I am planning to make a garland with black and white pumpkins to get a unique autumn decoration in our home.

This little one is made from some leftover Baby yarn. I am not sure, how will I use it.

Are you ready for the Autumn?

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Time to tell you a fact about me: I love cute dresses and accessories! 
I love bows, eyelets, laces, flare silhuettes, delicate yewelleries and all those little things, that make your appearance pretty. I even have a little collection of vintage women's magazines! (An other fact about me.) 

Now, I feel myself honoured to host a giveaway for Shabby Apple. I am sure, that you already know their beautiful clothes and you agree with me that SA dresses are the prettiest, most feminine dresses ever!

Some of my favourite items from their collection. 

A few versatile basic items for the perfect office look:

This dress looks so comfy:

They are having beautiful shoes and accessories,which make your appearance perfect:

Take a tour in their store! 

One lucky commenter will get a $50 shopping card to Shabby Abble. 
Plus there is a generous gift from Shabby Apple to everybody: 
for 10% off use coupon code hannicraft10off for a month!
The giveaway is open till next Saturday August 25th. Wish you good luck!

Guest blogger: Donata

Let me to introduce you a sweet blogger friend of mine, Donata from DK's Craft Café. I am so happy that I can host a guest post from her. We are blogger friends from months, I am always looking forward to her posts and projects, also her shared posts on Facebook. She is my neighbour blogger, we both are from Central Europe.  As I remember these twine crochet baskets were the first I have seen from Donata and I loved the material and inventiveness. 

Her style stands close to me, she has simple and one of a kind designs. This brooch & ring set is my favourite from her collection:

Say a huge welcome to Donata! 

*** Hello, dear Hannicraft readers!
I’m Donata, the person behind the DK’s Craft Café.
I’ve been blogging about my crafts and inspiration for over a year now and I love it. One of the things I love is the opportunity to meet other people whom I have something in common with. Hanni is one of my great discoveries. A young woman, recently married, having a career and finding time …

Finished WIPs

I have noticed that I am sharing WIPs but not sharing FOs. So now I would love to give you a short list of my finished objects.
In July I was totally in doily and lace fever. A few posts before you could already see my fold over clutches.

The red beret is completed and I made a two color version as well. It is the most complexed pattern I have ever made, now is under testing. I wish all my patterns before would have been tested, I realized testing is useful and a must ! The testers showed me my mistakes, which I couldn't see, although I read the pattern over and over again many times.
The pattern will be available in September.

During my vacation I completed a shawl, an easy-peasy repetitive pattern. It was relaxing to work on that. Get the free chart from Ravelry.

I finished the one-eye Minion too. It was a gift for my husband, this little guy is standing on his bedside table. I purchased the pattern on Etsy and it worthed every single cents! Such a perfect pattern with clear  i…

Mid-August WIP

I can't believe, that August is almost over. When I was thinking about the title of this post, I wanted to write 'Begenning of August', but I realized, that we are just in the middle! But I don't mind at all, although I love Summer and basicly all seasons, definitely I am an Autumn-person.

I am so 'in-hats' right now. The beret I showed you a few weeks before is under testing.  I am in the middle of other hat projects too. The shabby rosie beanie is almost ready, waiting to test. (If you are interested in, please send me a mail hanidgn [at] gmail [dot] com.)
Right now I am crocheting the cable beanie. Very simple and chick. I am thinking to design more versions! There are endless combination in my mind.

I have also some smaller projects in my stash just to keep my fingers busy. I haven't decided what to do with them, maybe a baby mobile. I enjoy these 20-min works.

I haven't showed you my finished objects recently nor new patterns, so on Friday is coming…

Insta vacation

Our vacation is over. We spent a beautiful week in Istria with our friends. Our holiday was about doing nothing for a whole week. No schedules, no plans, just random things. So relaxing!

Croatia has beautiful natural beaches, they are better than the frequented ones. And absolutely safe with warm crystal clear water.

My husband was collected a few treausuries for me. I haven't decided what to do with them.

 We were doing everything randomly. There was just one thing, we definitely wanted to do: make a little trip to Trieste and eat a pizza. So we spent a marvellous day in Italy. Take it or leave it was a big question before the start. After receiving your sweet advices I took a skein of mohair and completed a scarf during our vacation. This pink neckwarmer will be my best friend as the weather turns chilly.