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Evening purse

I am still knitting. I have one finished project and currently I am working on an another one. That will be the last one in this season. I am feeling my eyes too tired for knitting and I would like to prepaire for the spring with some sewing.

A few month ago I found this eyelash yarn and was so excited, so I bought four balls, although didn't really know what to do with it.  My first project was a mobile case to test the yarn. This yarn is so easy to work with. Unfortunately these sparkling balls aren't soft enough to knit a scarf or something wearable but effect yarns are so pretty for purses and bags. I am in love with purses. In this year I have already knitted a bag with pompon yarn. So this one was my second project in purse making.

This is my design. No other designs, not even an inspirational one, this is just what I found out to do with this yarn. Of course it is very simple, so beginners can do it. Actually it is perfect for beginner knitters, there is nothing to ruin…

Winter hat for my husband

I have time just for a quick post, I haven't finished all my christmas projects.
I haven't written from a while. Holiday season & the end of the year at work always make me so busy. But I was crafting. This season became a knitting season in my crafty world. So I have knitted a hat for my husband, a scarf for my mum, MIL and for myself.
Finally, my hubby got a new hat. He asked me to knit him one.
I choosed a nice pattern from Ravelry. I modified it a little bit: started on 84 stitches.


It is a little bit too big for my had:

 But if I purl it back I could still wear (if Hubby doesn't like it) :)

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Dress up your mobile

Yesterday I was thinking about, that I need a new mobile case. I have an old one, which I got when I shopped my phone a year ago. You can imagine, how does it look like now. It is so rubbed and looks dirty, though I wash it every two weeks. By the way its time is over.
I have to confess, that I was a bad girl at first. I wanted to buy a new one! How could I even think about buying??? Shame on me.  So my hubby asked me, why didn't I make it. Oh, yes he is the brain in our little family. So I checked my fabrics and yarns and suddenly I got tons of ideas and made the fastest idea. This is it! Don't think about a complicate pattern. Actually it is so easy, and could be an ideal craft for kids or beginner crocheters. You just need a few meters of yarn and a crochet needle. With this eyelash yarn you don't even have to concentrate to have regular nice stitches. 
The pattern
Material: cca. 1/3 ball of eyelash yarn, crochet needle 3,5 mm Pattern: begin with 18 stitch into a circle.…